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You may be in this august (adj.) number... popularity of cookbooks is determined by many factors and numbers. Up front, a buyer of a cookbook tends to keep that book. And book sellers are all over the charts when it comes to numbers of cookbook sales. One data service says one million books are printed annually. Of that number, stats vary as to how many are food related for reading, cooking and collecting in that order. Why in that order?

This website is positioned to spread the word on why and how cookbooks are so revered.
To participate...

Start-up guidelines:
(For professionals in the food and culinary trade; homemakers, grannies and grandpas, media types, students, professors, teachers, writers, hobbyists... welcome all.)

1. Name your favorite cookbook.

2. Describe your cookbook collection... number, where shelved, oldest.

3. Will you supply us with a color image of yourself with your selection open and being used in a kitchen setting; or one with you sitting/standing in front of your book shelf?

4. In 100 words or thereabout... what sparked your interest in cookbooks?

5. How often do you buy a cookbook?

6. Do you shop second-hand book stores? Flea markets?

7. Now, for the next invasion of your privacy... name two more faves with titles, and briefly describe why you like the cookbook.

8. Finish up your task by emailing your information to:


Doral Chenoweth
3066 Rightmire Blvd.
Columbus, Ohio 43221

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