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Cities with the best browsing in America for cookbook Keepers...
Where are the old and new cookbooks shelved today? Almost every major city today has an unsung independent book store attraction with cookbooks that can be touched, read, thumbed...purchased.

Columbus, Ohio

Click on the door to come inside!

Teaser: For this website, Acorn Bookshop is home plate for cookbook buys, reading, scanning, browsing, research, ordering, fussing about prices and getting a cookbook refresher course from professional Keepers. The shop does not have a tea pot or a cookie jar.

Acorn Bookshop
The Literary Equivalent of Cheers

1464 W. Fifth Ave., Columbus, Ohio

This is a bricks and mortar bookstore owned and run by a gent who may be his own best customer. He's George Cowmeadow Bauman with some 60,000 books shelved floor-to-ceiling. In a measure he is a second generation dealer. His route to become a bookstore owner has been a straight one. His mother was bookstore manager in New Castle, PA. His aunt Peg taught high school English and doubled as librarian. Both mother and aunt were deep into books. When books reached their frayed end of life and use in a library, rather than be moved away as trash, he ended up with the discards. He found early comfort is just owning books.

Bauman's only job growing up was to help about the library, unloading truck deliveries. He was most pleased to be getting paid, as he says, "to hang out in a bookstore." It was a college bookstore. Aunt Peg by then was on faculty. Bauman took her course in 18th Century literature Now you know: Acorn Bookshop displays an engraved plaque reading..."This Bookstore is dedicated to Margaret Cowmeadow."

An Acorn Keeper: Talk about a rare find, try this one for curiosity... Andrews' Pearl Offering, Devoted to Etiquette and Decorum, Toilet and Cooking Recipes, and Information for Everybody. Circa 1885. Condition is fair, softcover, bound in wraps. The cover is chipped and stained. Lacks the back cover and last four pages. Price $40. Publisher: Chicago C. E. Andrews.

The Ben Hayes Scrapbook
The Best of Ben Hayes Columns
Compiled by Jay Hoster and Christine Hayes
Ravine Books
c 1991

Ben Hayes sharpened his skills as a pad and pencil reporter for the Ohio State Journal. He typed a pleasant picture of Columbus and the nearby countryside when he moved to write daily columns for the Scripps-Howard newspaper, the Columbus Citizen, later to become the Citizen-Journal.

After Hayes passed away while in retirement, his daughter, Christine Hayes, gave up her budding movie career in Marin County, CA., and her Montessori teaching job. As a graduate of University of California/Irvine, she intended to go for the theater career. Her movie name, Ramona Moon. Today she is curator of cookbooks at Acorn Bookshop. Also, following in her father's big shoes, she is a columnist for the Short North Gazette.

Since her return to Ohio, Hayes, aka Ramona Moon, has emersed herself in the history of Columbus. she is co-author of her city's bicentennial blogspot...

Browsing Acorn...
Chances are slim to none you'll find this a recipe-trip back in time at Acorn Bookstore. But the Acorn Nuts (they're descriptive) will search for one. They found this 1947 edition listing a full page of "Edition Printed" dates from 1908. What appeals to cookbook students are the recipes calling for use of lard, beef suet, tapioca and shortening. There are a few suggesting butter. We assume butter mentions are in the later editions, not the 1908s and 1909s. The real story beyond the many suggestions for use of Rumford Baking Powder is how the name came about. In this new century ... 2000 and counting...Google Benjamin Thompson, born 1753, American-born British physicist later honored by British royalty and the Germans titled him as Count Rumford. The guy was a genius. Well, see his baking powder link below. Cousin, there's a movie in his Wikipedia bio...

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