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Cookbook buys seldom travel. Two fates await a cookbook.
It reposes on a collector's shelf, or it becomes part of an estate and handed down to next-of-kin.

Teaser: Just who collects cookbooks? The world's greatest financial newspaper used the front page to profile a delightful cookbook Keeper...she's a busy 91, blogs and invites all for a rubber of bridge and cucumber aspic salad...

Maggy Simony
An off-beat Retro Pop Culture e-zine for Bridge Players

Contact: maggy@bridgetable.net
Cape Canaveral, FL

Maggy Simony, 91, is very much a cookbook keeper who "extols benefits of cards, canapes, cookbooks from the 1920s," to quote the Wall Street Journal.

Wall Street Journal: Keeper Maggy Simony, curator of cuisine and customs, links cookbooks to sociable bridge; Faves, Betty Crocker, Fannie Farmer and Alice B. Toklas. The Journal reporter didn't waste space getting into the food factor when it comes to writing about a comeback for sociable bridge. Maggy Simony thinks bridge is as much about food and the gender menus for a ladies lunch as it is about a foursome for playing cards...bridge in this case. Story said she lives in a time capsule "filled with faded cookbooks" and frayed (food) magazine articles dating back to the 1920s.

When we name a Cookbook Keepers queen of the shelves, it'll be Maggy Simony. She learned to play bridge in the 1950s. After a life of grandmotherhood in New Hampshire, cooking , cookbooks and bridge continue to be a huge part of her life. Bridge, she writes about. Dainty foods of the Betty Crocker-Fannie Farmer era is the binder and lure to get those card tables occupied.

She has some 80 cookbooks and bridge books in her collection. Journal reporter Lucette Lagnado appropriatly harkened back to a word seldom used today. Primer (prim'er, as in prim, not as in prymer) is the dating of her favored cookbooks in years between the 1920s and 1950s.

In her book writing she started out to do a cookbook. She ended with her informal bridge history and it has become a campaign to being back the socialable part of cooking. The sociable part...the ladies-only-bridge-club that could be a foursome gathered in a home on a calm Thursday afternoon. The cooking part: Molded salads, creamed and curried dishes...and a proper tea service using bone china.

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An editor's note: Bridge playing today gets publicity when two of the world's richest men, Bill Gates in Seattle and Warren Buffett play Internet bridge. Also, they play foursomes with their select friends when possible, sometimes on a Netjets aircraft moving them around the nation or world.

Spotlighting bridge with sociable fare:
Bridge Table or What's Trump Anyway?
An Affectionate Look Back At Sociable Bridge & Ladies by Maggy Simony

Booklocker.com gave this descriptive: Sociable bridge...100+ years of a subterranean sisterhood. The author spent her early life and family years on Long Island. In the 1980s she self-published Traveler's Reading Guide: Ready-made Reading Lists For the Armchair Traveler. Her professional life was as a court stenographer, a fitting one for writing.

Available as Ebook, $6.99; and
Paperback, $16.95


Noteworthy in her collection:
The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook
by Alice B. Toklas, foreword M. F. K. Fisher
Publisher: The Lion Press
c 1954

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