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Cookbook purchases seldom travel. Two fates await a cookbook.
It reposes on a collector's shelf, or it becomes part of an estate and handed down to next-of-kin.

Teaser: One of America's great contemporary chefs, Hubert Seifert has not, shall we say, written a cookbook. However, in a unique collaborativa effort over 15 years there is a story line in his life. It is his life as told in 12 meals. Meet Chef Hubert...

Hubert Seifert
Owner, chef, founder Spagio
Grandview Heights, Ohio

Such Sensations/Solche Sensationen
Food & Philosopical Reflections of
Chef Hubert Seifert

Written and edited by Louisa Bertch Green
Designed by Robert Tauber
Logan Elm Press/ Ohio State University Libraries
Columbus, Ohio

Limited to 26 number copies, signed by the chef, author, artist, calligrapher and designer, $2,000.

Food & Philosopical Reflections of Chef Hubert Seifert written and edited by Louisa Bertch Green. 2010 (139 pp.) 15.375" x 10.25" Designed by Robert Tauber with twelve initial letters hand drawn by Ann Alaïa Woods, who also designed the calligraphy for the book. Composed in LTC Garamon type faces using Adobe InDesign and printed from photo-polymer plates on Zerkall mouldmade paper using a Number 4 Vandercook letterpress. Twelve dry-point monoprint menus by Anthony H. Rice were printed from copper plates on an intaglio press on dampened Arches Wove mold made paper. Craig Jensen and Gary McLerran at Book Lab II in San Marcos, Texas, sewed each copy onto vellum tapes and into the hand-made, gelatin-sized CavePaper covers of black walnut- and indigo-stained raw flax. Each book is housed in a drop-spine box covered in black Italian linen with one of the original copper intaglio monoprint plates inlaid into the cover.

If you think getting a cookbook published as ink-on-paper, consider an artistic approach...

By Robert Tauber,
Book Arts Specialist

Library Tech Center
The Ohio State University

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My idea for the Hubert Seifert book originated from two other books: The Shepheardes Calender by Edmund Spenser, first published in 1579, which depicts a man's entire life through the twelve months of a year, with each month accompanied by a woodcut; and Onze menus de Paul Gaugin by Robert Rey, published in 1950, which reproduced the watercolor menus Gauguin painted for guests at a dinner party in his Tahitian home three years before his death in 1903.

Solche Sensationen/Such Sensations began with a visit to the Logan Elm Press by Louisa Bertch Green in the spring of 1990 which resulted in her spending the better part of a year working with Chef Hubert in his kitchen re-creating and testing all of the menus; she then transcribed and edited the text for this book from voice-activated tape recordings. I designed this book to comprise twelve meals, each accompanied with its menu, recipes and presentations; it tells of the life of Chef Hubert Seifert from the age of fifteen to almost the present day.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns; and certainly please feel free to visit our Book Arts Lab any time to see copies of this book or any of our other books.

Robert Tauber, Book Arts Specialist
Center for Book Arts & Logan Elm Press
The Ohio State University Libraries Tech Center
1165 Kinnear Road, Room 101A
Columbus, OH 43212-1153
Phone (614) 688-3973 Cell (614) 330-0974

e-mail: tauber.1@osu.edu
Web address: www.library.osu.edu/book-arts

Chef Hubert Seifert with food writer
Miriam Bowers Abbott in his kitchen

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