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Cookbook buys seldom travel. Two fates await a cookbook.
It reposes on a collector's shelf, or it becomes part of an estate and handed down to next-of-kin.

Cookbooks are forever...
Keeper stories coming soon...

Teaser: Flying farmer Richard Jensen is this generation's Louis Bromfield, also an Ohioan...

Richard Jensen
Flying J. Farm
Organic Farming Authority
Owns Show Farm
Johnstown, Ohio

His first favorite...
Farmer John's Cookbook
The Real Dirt on Vegetables
by John Peterson
Gibbs Smith Publishers
c 2006

A close second fave:
The Pleasures of Slow Food
Celebrating Authentic Traditions, Flavors, and Recipes
by Corby Kummer
Photographs by Susia Cushner
Chronicle Books
c 2002

Conservationist Jensen farms with Massey Ferguson.
Conservationist Bromfield terraced with a Farmall.
Richard Jensen farms 250 Ohio countryside acres.
Louis Bromfield's Malabar has 914 Ohio countryside acres.

Ohio's Flying Farmer, Richard Jensen,
Delivers organic to Columbus Restaurants

11 April 2008

Richard Jensen spent 22 years as an OSU professor in Aviation Psychology, When asked this date if he missed the aviation turmoil rattling off front pages around the world, his answer was something rather negative. Frontier Airlines in bankruptcy today. Skybus, Columbus based, is history. Five commercial airlines quit this month of April. So be it. Jensen is at peace with his world in a most engaging place and pursuit. He's a commercial farmer of organic produce and beef serving Central Ohio restaurants and selling at farm markets in Clintonville and Westeville.

Richard Jensen

But his business future may be serving the finer restaurants. Two to date get his meat deliveries: La Tavola and Westerville's Uptown Market Bistro, both highly acclaimed in legit reviews.

For an update on what a working farm produces, this memo from Jensen: "This week we transplanted a lot of stuff including broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale, arugula, Bibb lettuce, romain lettuce and more than I can think of here....well, snow peas, shelling peas and radishes."

Jensen's rural creation could be called the Model Farm. Ten years ago following OSU retirement, he created a farm model - no spreading mechanical acreage - to plant, cultivate, eat and sell the food basics that sustain life. He has 250 acres about 40 miles northeast of Columbus. One hundred acres are wooded, a source for his maple syrup.

For the real introduction to an Ohio gem:
To talk to the source: 740-967-4030.
E-mail: Rjensen@core.com

Michael Leach
Garden Writer, Landscape Consultant
Panelist: Keepers Seminar
Columnist: Central Ohio Home & Garden
Columbus, Ohio

His natural favorite:
The Victory Garden Cookbook
More than 800 recipes
by Marian Morash
Alfred A. Knopf
c 2006

Mimi Sheraton calls it "a large, handsome volume..." She was right when reviewing for The New York Times. The book has 384 pages and weighs 3.4 pounds. Keeper Leach is a booster for vegetable cookery so this, his favorite, contains basic information for growing almost any vegetable. His backyard patch, something like 20-by-30 square feet, is programmed to produce from early spring until frost.

A second fave, but in two thick volumes:
The Gourmet Cookbook,
Volumes I & II

More than 800 recipes
by Earle R.Macausland (with Gourmet's Test Kitchen editors)
c 1965

This Leach fave title has three publishers; go with this one until...
Savoring Italy
by Michele Scicolone
Oxmoor House
c 2005

Savoring Italy is a gastronomic tour for the armchair stay-at-home set.

Teacher Leach ranks all of his well-used volumes; So, his No. 4...
Better Homes and Garden New Cookbook (1930-2000)
by Editors of Better Homes and Gardens Book
Meredith Publishing

Explanation: My copy is at least 40 years old. somewhat historic but I rely on it more as a file for clipped recipes and basic info than recipes.

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