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Cookbook buys seldom travel. Two fates await a cookbook.
It reposes on a collector's shelf, or, it becomes part of an estate and handed down to next-of-kin.

Cookbooks are forever...
Keeper stories coming soon...

Teaser; Chef Mates, a husband-wife team of professionals, live amid in-home cookbook placements, but upfront...

Status Report by Jeff Hollenback,
R&D, Glory Foods
Food manufacturers are a lot like restaurants. You have lots (the majority) who abide by the spirit and the letter of the law. You have a few that do not and get the media attention. Glory Foods by definition is a small food company. We can,

on 30 minutes notice, determine where a single can of food was made, what minute of the day it was produced. We can review the Q&A and plant production records. We know the field location from which the agricultural product was harvested. We will know the herbicides and pesticides that were used during the growing cycle. We will know the manufacturers of the ingredients that were used in the batch of brine that was used and when the ingredients for the brine were blended. We are required and test ourselves on a monthly basis (not required but something any responsible company does) to be able to trace to the first distribution point with 100 percent accuracy and 100 percent of any product made during a particular hour, day or week of time. Maybe it is time to talk about how safe our food is compared to anywhere else in the world. - Jeff Hollenback

Up Front: Meet Chef Mates, husband and wife chefs, fully engaged in cookbook collecting for professional use and research. Both are practioners of healthy living when it comes to foods; both are versed in organic food issues; both are highly experienced in restaurant operations... front and back of the house.

Jeff Hollenback
Director, Research and Development,
Glory Foods

Graduate, Culinary Institute of America
Panelist, Keepers Seminars
Delaware, Ohio

The Hollenback homestead in rural Deleware County, Ohio, has a "loosely organized cookbook collection of more than 1,000...maybe 1,200..." They are in placements by cooking categories for ready access when needed by content. Both are scratch cookers, made so because they enjoy living off the land for both wild meats and garden vegetables. Meanwhile, back to their shelves,

his fave:
Joy of Cooking:
75th Annivesary Edition (*)

4,500 Recipes for the Way We Cook Now
by Irma S. Rombauer, Marion Rombauer
and Ethan Becker Scribner
c 2006

(*) In his capacity as a chef in the public eye, he is repeatedly asked about cooking, recipes, ingredients, measurements. He suggests that JOY is the most concise and basic approach to answer such questions.

Chef Jeff's second favorite:
Steven Raichlen's BBQ USA
425 Fiery Recipes From All Across America
Collected by Steven Raichlen
Workman Publishing Co. c 2003

Keeper Jeff Hollenback is rated highly for his smoked barbeque (noun) using many meats, venison, pork, brisket. He defers only to Raichlen's hefty 774-pager, a 3.5 pounder, for variety. Ohio weather is the location decider for Hollenback's barbecue (verb), both indoors and outdoors.

Peggy Hollenback
Panelist: Keepers Seminars
Certified Chef
Experience: Manager, Gourmet Foods Markets
Columbus, Ohio

First, in agreement with husband:
Joy of Cooking: 75th Anniversary Edition

Her second favorite, a tandem choice:
LaTechnique: An Illustrated Guide to the Fundamental Techniques of Cooking
by Jacques Pepin
Times Books
c 1976

La Methode: And Illustrated Guide to the Fundamental Techniques of Cooking
by Jacques Pepin
Crown Publisher
c 1979

As is her husband, Chef Peggy Hollenback is research driven with one different twist. She subscribes to both The New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Both are now major resources for breaking news adn trends when it comes to the food industry and wines. Chef Jeff and Chef Peg are avid readers and consumers of everything written about food. At least once a week when she clips a recipes, they give is the "mmm, that doesn't look right" eyeball test. One of their major concerns when scanning today's newspaper and magazine recipes are measurements.

Chef Jeff: "Cooking at its best is very formula driven. Exact amounts of ingredients and precise techniques make the difference between OK and exceptional. The books we note have been thoroughly vetted and the recipes perform very well."

Chef Peg's sentimental favorite:
Silver Palate Cookbook
25th Anniversary Edition
by Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins
Workman Publishing Company
c 2007

Amazon.com review: Silver Palate was first published in 1982. It was an instant success, offering 350 stylish but easy recipes that reflected and helped cement America's burgeoning interest in quality cooking. It acquainted cooks with gourmet ingredients, just beginning to appear in our markets.

The Hollenback Homestead Research Center...
Peggy and Jeff Hollenback, known as Chef Mates in the commercial food world, have their cookbook collection, estimated to be 1,200 since they do not keep count, shelved in three rooms. While descibed as "loosely organized," they are in placements by cooking categories for ready access when needed by content. Needless to explain they are heavily insured. (Chef Mates Photos)

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